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seriously if you put my in a locked room with her and a sharp object I would quite literally stab her to fucking death 3 times and hack her dead corpse into chunks no bigger than my fist. and she'd still be a fucking bitch

Writer's Block: Interior Decorating

I was an unusual child in that I never really had posters on my walls. I remember having a band of "jungle" wallpaper at eye height when I was four, there being an episode of pink, then purple before the dark blue that dominates today. I used to dream vividly, and draw floor plans of the various castles, treehouses and so forth, and I put them on one wall to break the monotony.
These days, posters are stuck to my door and my wardrobe is plastered with old ticket stubs and scraps of sketches. two opposing walls however are taken up by a mural of snow-capped mountains under a starry sky, not quite realistic enough to be believed. But then I have a quarter of TARDIS painted on the chimney breast that sits in the corner of my room, so yeah.

That's my room at home. The only thing I have on my wall in my current residence is an A1 digimap print of my project site for my course, because I'm cool.

Jeans - A short and dull minipost

Jan. 7th, 2012

these days, i am swinging between two extremes.

the first is a laidback lethargy induced by winter holiday, general happiness and wellbeing.
the second is verging on panic attack as I contemplate the two major bits of coursework, deadlines for which LOOM in the next month or so. Neither of these have I begun in any meaningful sense, nor can I before I return to my university town. This return is hindered by my commitments to family and their commitments to work.

I am royally screwed.
Guitarboy is trying his best to keep me grounded, but from 200 miles away its difficult.


Victoria Tower Gardens

Beyond the gate the world shrinks.

It's only you, the river flowing silently
on, And the damp grass
beneath your sandalled feet.

                Dying leaves cross your path but do not
stop to say hello,

So take a seat and wonder
Where did the summer go?

This is Unusual

She has written!
Inspired by the instrumental in "The Doberman" by Kasabian
200 Words

The DobermanCollapse )

I find that given the choice between hobbyish activity and idleness, idleness comes out on top. I haven't done half the things I set out to do this summer.



Still Alive...Collapse )

Now for something completely different: For your delectation and delight, a flash fic:

Contains angst. Manufactured in a fandom-free headspace. Cannot guarantee fandom-freeCollapse )

Hello Again

Did you miss me?

Life in generalCollapse )

Ignore me, I'm

sitting in the dark not doing work, or anything useful.
I need a distraction, before I start tearing my hair out about all the little things that are getting me down.

no, they are not up for discussion.

time to go and make some dinner I think.